Your Natural Birth

Philosophy on Labor and Childbirth

               WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?
  • About the normality of birth
  • How to nourish yourself and your baby
  • Exercises which will benefit you during labor
  • Relaxation techniques to naturally manage pain
  • How to effectively and positively communicate with your medical team about your birth
  • About the anatomy of mother and baby and exactly how a woman's body works during birth 
  • How to be an informed advocate for you and your baby
  • How your partner can effectively coach you through childbirth
  • About breastfeeding and its benefits to both baby and mom
  • Information about caring for your newborn 
Some people wonder why a mother needs childbirth classes...

Classes are designed to teach you to trust in, and work with, your body. 
Classes provide current research and up-to-date information so that you can effectively and positively communicate with your medical team. 
Classes provide you time to practice relaxation techniques to effectively manage pain. 
You and your partner will learn about a woman's anatomy and the logistics of childbirth. 
Your partner will learn how to coach you through this amazingly athletic - yet most miraculous - event.

Whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, a birthing center, or at home, the birth of your child is exactly that: YOURS.

Some facts:

  • The national Cesarean Section surgery rate is over 32%.... it's 40% in Long Beach, California 
  • According to the FDA, no drug has been proven safe for use during pregnancy or labor

  • Mothers who deliver vaginally are less likely to suffer post-partum depression
  • Mothers who deliver vaginally are more likely to successfully breastfeed
  • A Cesarean Section surgery costs thousands and thousands of dollars more than a vaginal birth
  • The drugs used in Epidurals are not always effective*, do NOT speed labor, and DO reach and affect your baby
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