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Lia Berquist, Mom of two, Certified Doula, Affiliated Bradley Method® Instructor, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, overall birth fanatic 

The benefits of a natural birth are countless and the value to mom, baby, and the family unit, immeasurable.  It is my passion to empower women and their partners, through positive education, to give birth in the most natural way possible. Bradley Method ® classes provide a safe place for parents to explore their options, and weigh the benefits and risks of interventions with which they may be presented, prior to arriving at the labor and delivery room.


Successful parenting ultimately relies on preparation. Taking a class will be the first step in preparing to be the best parents you can be. Read more about The Bradley Method ® at

My name is Lia Berquist. I have been teaching childbirth classes in The Bradley Method ® in Long Beach, California since 2011. I have a Bachelors of Science in Human Environmental Sciences, but childbirth is my passion. The Bradley Method ® first entered my life when I was just ten years old:

I watched in awe as my mother, using the Bradley Method ®, so gracefully gave birth to my baby sister in a triumphant home birth after cesarean (HBAC). In 1998, after taking Bradley® classes myself, I gave birth naturally, in a hospital, to our baby girl. Ten years after that, I gave birth to our second baby girl at home, thanks to my Bradley coach, a licensed midwife (ask me who) and The Bradley Method ®

Women who deliver naturally are not super-human. We are not special. We are just normal. We have a body that was designed to give birth...JUST LIKE YOU.

all content is copyrighted - this means: i want to help the world, but please don't steal my words and if you do, give me a little credit. thanks

Your Natural Birth 

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for such an awesome class. We really learned so much, but more than that, your humor and honesty really made the class enjoyable.  Out of all the available Bradley instructors that were listed online, I'm so happy we chose YOU! "  - Ai, Mom to Ella Mia 

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