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YOUR natural  B I R T H

Your Natural Birth 

"I  wanted to thank you for an amazing Bradley class experience! I was so relieved to find you so down to earth and normal (I was thinking you would be a bit granola, lol) and I feel more confident even just knowing you're a phone call or text away (I need to hear your voice in my head to combat the negative-nancies that want to grow there). Your enthusiasm is infectious and I know it has boosted my confidence. " - Bailey, Mom to Zalia

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Labor and Birth Doula

Lia Berquist, Certified Doula 

A birth doula is a labor support professional who provides physical and emotional support to the laboring person and their partner for the entire duration of their labor. 


Unlike a midwife or an obstetrician, a doula does not provide any clinical services (we don't check your cervix, take your blood pressure, listen to your baby's heart tones). But also unlike a midwife (well, some...not all) or an obstetrician, we get to know YOU. We spend months communicating with you about what you feel your specific needs will be during labor. We work with you to help you feel safe and secure so that when labor starts, you're confident. 

A doula is and especially important part of your birth team now that we are in this pandemic. With covid-19 being so contagious, you'll want to limit your time spent in the hospital. Doulas will come to your home once you're in labor and help you remain at home as long as possible (no, we can't check your cervix the way your provider does, but we do have other ways of gaging dilation - don't worry, we got you). This will cut down the time you are in a hospital and exposed to that environment. 


Will a Doula take the place of 

my partner?

Not unless you want

them to. Your doula is there to work with you AND your partner. You become a team and the doula can help facilitate and enhance the partner's role. 

If you don't have a partner, a doula can most definitely step into that role.


This page is currently under construction. For immediate information on Doula services in Southern California, please call or text


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